What’s this?

Voxs is an independent Singaporean literary journal dedicated to short stories written by local writers.

We cut through all the bullshit that comes along with the usual profit-driven literary mag. Yes, we used the P-word. Event calendars, literary opinions and social gatherings? I just wanna hide in my PJs under a blanket at home and write stories that will be read and misunderstood.

Voxs is interested in one thing and one thing only – to provide a platform for local writers of all grades to be heard. We don’t find it acceptable that only big-name authors get published, and neither should you.

So, if you’ve got a story you wrote on your cat with neon light ink while peddling home from work on your rollerblades with a plate of spaghetti and no meatballs, send it in. We’ll check it out and if it ain’t too brilliant, you’ll see your voice here.

It’s as simple as that.