A Eulogy for Mother Earth



Austin Teo

Unanimously written by the anguished souls who once lived and depended on Mother Earth.

Mother Earth lived a colourful life. At 4.5 billion years old, the veteran had a vigorous heart of gold. Hidden deep beneath her solid continents and vast oceans was a core burning with relentless determination to unconditionally love her children. A promise which was well kept indeed. She was the peak of mutual understanding, the highest order of harmonious living and the epitome of peace. If only we had appreciated the peace she had so passionately built from scratch.

We, the citizens of Mother Earth, or dare I say caretakers of our lonely mother, lived in her marvellous wonders and yet were repeatedly guilty of disrupting her peace with needless acts of hostility. From words of intimidation to fists of fury and even weapons of mass destruction, we – the children of Mother Earth, blatantly committed acts of violence and retaliation even when Mother said ‘No.’

Such is the irony of filial piety.

In our endless pursuits for nationalistic glory and personal fame, we have failed to understand that despite our differences in language, skin colour and spiritual beliefs, we belong to one family, Mother Earth’s family. Despite being separated by geographical and political borders, we are all locked tightly in Mother’s arms. Only if we awaken from this mirage, can we resolve conflicts with peaceful affection rather than violence.

We are sorry for the Mongol Conquests; we are sorry for the Napoleonic Wars; we are sorry for the civil wars; we are sorry for the World Wars; we are sorry for the Cold War. We are sorry for foolishly making the same mistakes. We are sorry, for not listening when you said “No.’ All those years of bullying, discrimination, prejudice, racial insensitivity, superstitious xenophobia and blind open fire, only to realise that we all share the same last name – human.

Centuries of inhumane brutality put behind us, Mother Earth emerged the braver one. She prided herself with an undying valour to protect us, even when we neglected our love for her. While we humans were busy shedding blood and tears, Mother Earth remained concerned with our wellbeing, showering us with love. Never once had she given up her duty as a mother, while we had simply disregarded our duties as her children. A role model, of whom we have so terribly failed to learn from. Despite our vast differences, she saw us as family. She admired the beauty in our flaws and yet we have chosen these areas of differences to be opportunities of aggression. She raised us up to live in a peace we have so doggedly spent our lifetimes searching for – and destroying.

Engulfed in the ashes of war, the trees breathed new life. 

In the midst of racial slurs, the clouds rejoiced under one roof. 

As nations locked horns against one another, the waves wished a song of unity. 

Drowning in the shattered voices of despair, the birds carolled in harmony. 

Between the fists of anger, the winds hummed a tune of sorrow. 

We are all living in a sanctuary of peace, but most of us are stuck looking down at hell. 

And yet Mother Earth forgave us. 

Mother, you have shown us a form of beauty which we have failed to appreciate. Your bravery, commitment and love for us will be honoured. Thank you Mother for teaching us to live in peace and harmony. We admire you for continuing to smile even in these dog days. We will not believe it is all too late, for you have taught us to have hope in times of hardship. We love you Mother. May you rest in peace.

~End of Eulogy~


A message to all my Earthly brothers and sisters:

Earth is life’s greatest preacher of peace. Unique organisms coexisting harmoniously and supporting one another despite their differences is testimony to how we should be living life. I urge all of you to hug rather than punch, praise rather than insult, empathise rather than criticize, forgive rather than revenge. Peace is a virtue worth living for. Take a step back to look at the big picture, and realise that behind those superstitious differences which we define ourselves by, are a set of virtues and emotions we all have in common. Love, empathy, understanding and respect are what defines us as one human race. We must as one family live in peace and harmony, and be good children of Mother Earth. We must assist one another in unmasking the folds which prevent us from seeing the blissfulness of peace. Let us instead live in peace and harmony.

Do not be blinded by our selfish desires, otherwise the only trophy we deserve is catastrophe.

 Austin is in his final year of junior college studies in Singapore. An aspiring writer and geographer, he hopes to mesmorise by combining two of his passions by pen and paper.

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