Have a story you want people to read?

We are looking for short fiction, particularly short stories, of any genre and previously unpublished – including self-publication. Got a story you wrote on your cat with neon ink while peddling home from work on your roller blades with a plate of spaghetti and no meatballs? As long as you had a whale of a time imagining it, we want to read it.


We only accept stories from local writers. Singaporeans. This has nothing to do with xenophobia and everything to do with the agenda of this platform.

Never submit more than one story at a time, and only submit another piece at least a week after we’ve reverted. This is to curb obsession on our part.

We only accept stories written in English. This is due to a technical fault within Voxs known as Language Dyslexia. We are in the midst of rectifying this and will edit the guidelines once we have sorted the fault.

We accept stories of any amount of words up to 3,000.


Sent to voxssg@gmail.com, all submissions should come in the form of a Word document, with no other restrictions. This is because we respect individuality and wish to read your piece in all the brilliance and glory you made it with. Having to reformat your story in 12pt Times New Roman (or worse, Arial) just sucks. We’re not printing dictionaries.

All we ask is a little rational thoughtfulness in the form of page numbers and a word count at the top of the first page.

Email subject header should clearly state your name and the title of your story, with nothing else. If submitting incognito on behalf of someone else, please do the same for the subject header and include their contact details within the email.

We require an author’s bio and story cover image with each submission. Do not send us a photo of yourself. Yeah, we’re totalitarian like that.


We aim to publish pieces every quarter. Sometimes, we might read it twice. Other times, thrice. We just wanna give every story the attention it deserves, so do be patient.